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11 lubrication methods for bearings

Manual lubricationThis is the most primitive method of using an oiler to supply oil when the lubricating oil in the bearing is insufficient.However, this method is difficult to maintain a certain a...

Classification structure and repair points of sliding bearings

The motion form of sliding bearings is mainly characterized by the relative sliding of the journal and bearing pad. It is a type of bearing with sliding wear properties, and its structural forms ar...

The impact of bearing maintenance on service life

The service life of a bearing refers to the number of revolutions or hours that the bearing undergoes before pitting occurs under a certain load. Bearings within this lifespan should experience ini...

Dismantling method of needle bearing

Percussion methodThe striking force is generally applied to the inner ring of the bearing. The striking force of the shield machine room should not be applied to the rolling element and cage of the...

Classification of linear bearings

(1) Standard type, clearance adjusted linear bearing, open linear bearing, extended linear bearing, general linear bearing(2) Flange type linear bearings can be divided into: round flange type, fla...

Installation and disassembly of rod end spherical plain bearing

Where a press is missing or cannot be used, an assembly sleeve and a small hammer can be used to install the end bar spherical plain bearing. The hammering force shall be evenly transmitted to ...

What are the usual rod end joint bearing repairs?

Regular maintenance: In order to ensure the normal operation of the main engine, according to the request of the main engine and the design theory and application experience of the bearing, a maintena

Ball screw maintenance method

Good lubrication is necessary when using a ball screw. Without sufficient lubrication, the friction between the steel ball and the rolling surface will increase during operation, and it may become the

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